In need of an honest, reliable technology partner? How can I help you?


Considered the 'bread and butter' of my service offering to customers. Building your website end-to-end; on platforms that make it easy for you to manage.

Digital & physical commerce

Selling online is how I got into coding back when selling online wasn't as popular as it is today. I can help get your products online and selling.

Custom application development

An off-the-shelf suit can be great thing, but sometimes, your need is so specific that you need a Savile Row tailor. So too with software. I've built registration, donation, holiday scheduling and learning platforms for customers as well as scratching itches with my own software products.

Technical consultancy

From time to time, people come to me with problems they think a technology solution could resolve, but aren't sure what's needed or the direction to go. In those scenarios I can act as your technical consultant, analyse your problem and see if there's a way technology can help.

Honest, transparent digital development

Above all else, when you work with me, I'll always be honest and transparent about the work that we do together and I expect you'll do the same with me.

Listening through discovery

Before we start a project together, I'll listen to the objectives that you want it to achieve. Whether that's giving you a better presence online or automating a currently manual process. We can help refine the objective together.

Small wins

I'm not a fan of a "big reveal". We'll set small objectives at various stages of our project. That way there's no surprises when we release to your audience.

Battle-tested code

Code is never 100% 🐛 free. We're all human and make mistakes. I write tests to keep those to a minimum so that as your project grows and evolves, we have confidence that things continue to work as expected.

Friendly support

While our project objectives might have been met, it's likely you'll need support going forward. I'll work with you to keep our work together evolving.

Need something specific?

Choosing the right tool for the job isn't always an easy task but here are some of the tools that I use most often in my work.

Verified Partner

A powerful flat-file content management system on the Laravel framework

A powerful content management system with commerce and GraphQL capability

A world-class 'search as a service' platform that makes indexing and filtering content a breeze

The world's most popular PHP framework capable of handling any kind of custom application

the world's my favourite JavaScript framework

Tailwind CSS

Like regular CSS but better (IMHO)

While you might not see what you were hoping for on this particular list, I can always guide you in the right direction from my network.

Leave me a message. If you like what you read here, there's a great chance we could be a good fit. If it's something I don't do, I'll likely know someone who does.