The story

Firstly, the company name. It's Scottish Gaelic and translated/pronounced it reads geek. It's usually one of the first questions I get asked by people.️

I started the business in 2010 while still employed in local government with the aim of helping small businesses and non-profits circumnavigate building their websites.

I moved on from local government in early 2011 working with a local software house before going full-time with GHIJK later that year.

Not much has changed in the time since. Relationships with customers, employees, vendors, peers, tools and technologies have come and gone — some have stayed — but my aims remain the same

to provide customers with respect, honest & transparent technology advice and code.

Some milestones over the years

  • 2010

    I trade under the name 'GHIJK' for the first time, aiming to help small businesses and non-profits with their web projects.

  • 2011

    • engaged by Twin Technologies (now Intevity) to work onsite with Under Armour in Baltimore - building the front end of their V5 commerce platform
    • incorporated with Companies House in Scotland
  • 2013

    Engaged by MPL Communications - the production company for Sir Paul McCartney - to deliver the first mobile friendly experience of on the Drupal platform.

  • 2014

    • take on the management of web properties for The Gospel Coalition
    • David joins as employee #1 in Spring
    • our first garden office is installed
    • Jamie joins as employee #2 in Autumn
  • 2015

    • as both team members move on to pastures new, I decide that being a 'company of 1' is preferable
    • help Cigna Health build a responsive website for
  • 2016

    I'm engaged by Prudential Assurance to help their team deliver a front end for

  • 2017

  • 2018

    • get involved with a local startup building a CRM suite with my specific focus being the JavaScript chat widget
  • 2019

    • launch the first of my SaaS platforms; Chariot - a ride-sharing platform for churches
    • become one of the first verified Statamic CMS partners
    • launch Purku - an automated transcription service
  • 2020

    • I think I can safely speak for everyone here when I say 😩
  • 2021

    Started to build

  • 2023

    Started to work with Wild at Heart

A biography

“We'll never have the Internet in this house”

These immortal words were spoken by my dad (a software developer by the way) sometime in the mid-90s. He's never explained his reasoning to me 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Nevertheless, he gave in when he decided he wanted to sell his Charles Rennie Mackintosh font online.

Between the 2 of us, we hacked wrote beautiful html code that would allow someone to pay for their digital download with a system called Payloadz.

I left high school at 15 to pursue a college diploma in Information Technology. It was dull, really dull. The problem was the course modules were predominantly hardware based. It was useful certainly but not what I wanted to be doing. I eventually found some joy in 2 modules of web scripting and database normalisation (who knew?).

That diploma was largely a waste of time but it matured me because of my interactions with considerably more 'life experienced' fellows.

Even although I was continuing to self-teach, I eventually found my path:

  1. HNC Web Development at James Watt College
  2. BSc in Multimedia Systems at Paisley University
  3. Web Developer at Evolution Life Science
  4. Web Developer at Royal Bank of Scotland
  5. Web Developer at South Lanarkshire Council
  6. Web Developer at a local software house
Leave me a message. If you like what you read here, there's a great chance we could be a good fit. If it's something I don't do, I'll likely know someone who does.