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Donation Checkout

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Donation Checkout is an addon for Statamic CMS that allows developers to add variable, recurring and one-off donations to their Statamic sites powered by Stripe Checkout.

I first saw Statamic on a bus trip from Albany to New York about ten years ago. At that point I don't think it had a name but Jack's vision for a flat-file CMS had piqued my interest on that bus.

Ten years on and Statamic is a big tool in my developer arsenal. I've used Statamic to build many websites for customers and I've extended it in different ways for them too.

However, Donation Checkout is my first commercial addon built for other developers.

Why now?

Most of the Statamic customisation that I do involves things like integrating third-party software, establishing custom workflows, building custom tools; things that are fairly specific to the customer and so have never been candidates for something that would be useful to my peers.

Also, I'm experienced enough with CMS customisation to appreciate the support overhead that can come with commercial addon releases.

The functionality in Donation Checkout was a little different in that it was general enough to have a wider application for other Statamic sites and that nothing else really existed on the Statamic Marketplace.

The addon also has a small enough footprint that will make support easy.

What does it do?

Donation Checkout allows a customers Statamic website to make custom value donations. The value and frequency of the donation can be defined by the end user.

It makes use of Stripe Checkout. In Stripe's words

Stripe Checkout is a prebuilt, hosted payment page optimized for conversion. Whether you offer one-time purchases or subscriptions, use Checkout to easily and securely accept payments online.

Rather than capturing anything other than name and email address on the Statamic side, Stripe Checkout handles everything else including a wide range of payment options that can be configured from the Stripe Dashboard.

Optionally, after a donation has been made, you can allow recurring donators to manage their donations via Stripe's billing dashboard.

Donation Checkout is available now on the Statamic Marketplace.


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