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GHIJK Ltd is a small web design studio based in Glasgow, Scotland.

We're an experienced team who design and build websites that work on any device, mobile specific sites and web applications.

We're also huge fans of ExpressionEngine — being proud members of the Pro Network — but we do have experience using other platforms).

Steven Grant

steven grant

I'm a front-end developer and designer with more than a decade of experience producing things for on-screen.

In that time, I've worked with a wide range of clients including government agencies, local authorities, charities, business start-ups and global corporations.

I've spoken at, and attend different web conferences, as well as being involved with the local web community in Glasgow.

When I'm not online, you can usually find me spending time with Sarah and our 3 daughters, usually at the park.

Sarah Grant

Sarah Grant

Before GHIJK, I graduated in Architectural Studies from Strathclyde University.

Now I spend my time managing the day-to-day operations at GHIJK. If you send us an invoice, I'm the person to speak to about getting it paid. If we send you an invoice, it generally comes from me.

I'm also the person you'll most likely speak to before we start a project with you.

When I'm not managing GHIJK, you'll find me spending time with Steven and our daughters and I'm also a bit of a serial crafter.

Jamie O'Hanlon

I’m currently a student of Web and Mobile Development at the University of the West of Scotland.

I enjoy developing single page apps with Angular and pushing the boundaries of possibility with the Craft and ExpressionEngine platforms.

Much of my day to day work at GHIJK is altering code on The Gospel Coalition web properties.

Like any other GHIJK, I also love gaming.


GHIJK Ltd is a company limited by shares and registered in Scotland.