Overdue Update

Sarah Grant

by Sarah Grant on April 01, 2016

They say time flies when you're having fun and that's been true (for the most part) over the last year.

We've been head down in work for the last year and we've neglected writing about some of the things we've come across and the projects we've been working on.

A lot of our work for the last 18 months has been with The Gospel Coalition.

TGC is one of those projects that you love to work on because you enjoy the people behind the organisation and the organisation itself. 

For TGC alone we have:

(We've been doing a lot of Craft work as you can see).

In amongst the work for TGC, we've also helped Under Armour deliver a responsive frontend for their consumer site, and a portal for colleges and universities to manage their team roster kit requirements.

We've also delivered a responsive frontend for Cigna Health Insurance Drupal 7 marketing site.

Away from the work side of things, we had a custom work space built at the end of our garden that we absolutely love and Steven also managed to fit in a trip to Philadelphia in May for the 3rd annual Peers Conf.

Hopefully we can spin out a few more posts on the back of some of the things I've touched on here.

We won't leave it so long next time (she's says with fingers crossed).


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