Great customer service

Steven Grant

by Steven Grant on July 24, 2014

Lately we've been working with a client implementing some front-end improvements on their website.

One of the things we wanted to do was have our Git committed Sass files compile to actual CSS before being deployed into the production environment.

The primary reason for that is multiple developers committing compiled CSS tends to lead to merge conflicts and so I started to look at ways we could handle that.

My first thought was running Gulp directly on the production server after DeployHQ has done its thing.

While that could work, we'd get no notification if the build was successful unless we manually checked.

So I started to look at build servers. Given we'd only be using a fraction of what build servers generally do, I wasn't keen on things like Bamboo, Travis was too public for the rest of our code.

Then I stumbled on Codeship. I'll go into how we're using Codeship in another post but let me say their customer service has been outstanding.

Then we got this through the mail today (not an email)

a personal letter from the Codeship crew.

Such a simple thing, greatly appreciated.

It's nice to be nice.

I don't have a favourite sticker either, they're all great :)


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