First live Laravel project

Steven Grant

by Steven Grant on November 29, 2016

This week I've launched the first Laravel project. It's been a very simple choir registration system for Praise Gathering.

The app is pretty simple:

I built this application using Laravel, a popular open-source PHP framework.

Laravel has been a dream to use generally. As someone who spends the majority of my time either on the frontend or integrating CMS platforms like Craft, Statamic or ExpressionEngine - the concepts for backend development with Laravel have just clicked for me.

Learning something new can be difficult in my experience. Tutorial based learning can only get you so far. My best advice to anyone looking to learn a new tool is to build something tangible.

Kicking off my Laravel learning I decided to build a job board. In 2014/15 I built a job board for The Gospel Coalition using Craft CMS so thought it could be cool to build a job board using Laravel. 

It helped me understand the basic principles of a Laravel app: routing, user authentication, models, controllers, views, API - your standard framework stuff really.

There's been a few resources I've found to be very valuable during this time.

The most invaluable has been, without doubt, Laracasts. Jeffrey Way puts a lot of work into new content all the time and not just Laravel specific stuff. There's a lot of good content there for front-end technologies as well that dovetail nicely with Laravel - like Vue JS and ES6.

The other has been 'Easy Laravel 5' by W. Jason Gilmore.

I've been able to use the principles talked about throughout all of the apps I've built with Laravel so far. The Praise Gathering app is the first one to go live.

We have another Laravel app that we're looking to get live in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that.

Praise Gathering App


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